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If you are a business that processes EU residents’ personal data, then GDPR would have been high on your list of priorities this year. With new rules being enforced on how data is stored and managed, a lot of businesses have had to reassess their policies and put additional practices in place to make sure they are GDPR compliant. Whilst a lot of this focus has been on digital data managemen... [Read More]
An overheating shredder can be really frustrating when you’re in the mood for a giant shredding session! Here are some things to bear in mind:Duty cycle of your shredderPaper shredders have duty cycles which dictate how long you can continuously shred before you need to let the machine cool down. Basic shredders may only be able to shred for a matter of minutes before a cool down period is r... [Read More]
As we all know too well, today is Black Friday! And whether you are looking to purchase a home shredder for shredding receipts and bank statements - or an office shredder for sensitive customer data, there are a number of great offers to be had. Below are some of the popular paper shredders on sale today: And don’t forget to use our Compare feature to view each shredder’s sp... [Read More]
All shredders have a duty cycle (also known as run time). This refers to the length of time that the shredder can continuously shred before it needs to cool down. Many small household shredders will run for 2 or 3 minutes continuously before they need a cool down period (e.g. 20 minutes or so). However, some larger high-spec shredders can shred for an hour non-stop - or even continuously. When bu... [Read More]
There are a number of reasons why a shredder might not start, so let's get straight to it: Is the shredder plugged in and switched on at the mains? Yes, we know it seems like a daft question but we had to ask, right? The shredder itself might need to be switched to 'on' or 'auto'. If your shredder has a head that sits on top of a bin, is the head on correctly? For safety reasons a number of s... [Read More]
A number of shredders from Rexel feature Mercury Anti-Jam Technology (or Rexel Jam Free Technology as it's also known), a handy feature which is intended to stop paper jams that are the result of overfeeding - so here’s a quick overview of how it works. Every shredder has a sheet capacity limit and the Anti-Jam Technology feature means that the shredder will only shred stacks of paper withi... [Read More]
When it comes to paper and paper shredding, there are a number of ways to try and be as eco-friendly as possible. According to Recycle Now as a nation we get through 12.5 million tonnes of paper every year, with around 24 trees being used to make 1 ton of paper. More and more of us are using recycled paper and in turn recycling our paper more efficiently – but we can’t simply... [Read More]
Consumer identity theft can affect anyone, regardless of age, occupation or social demographic. Unfortunately, most people have (or at least know someone who has) encountered some such fraud or fraud attempt, where their personal details have been used without their knowledge. There have also been a number of high profile celebrities who have fallen victim to the multitude of scams that exist thes... [Read More]
So, you’re in shredding mood right? There’s a stack of papers you’ve set aside to be shredded and today’s the day! Old bank statements, junk mail with personal details on, bills you no longer need, they’re all for the shredder. But maybe there are other documents you should consider shredding too – and maybe there are some things you shouldn’t! To help yo... [Read More]
A number of shredders are now marketed as micro-cut and super micro-cut models. So what exactly does this mean and how do they differ from strip-cut and cross-cut shredders? Essentially micro-cut and super micro-cut shredders shred material into even smaller pieces than cross-cut models. Therefore, they offer a greater level of security when it comes to your document destruction as the smaller th... [Read More]
Leading office accessories business Fellowes recently commissioned independent research into identity fraud and how aware the family unit are when it comes to the risks posed by this particular crime. The conclusion was that we are much more likely to protect ourselves and our partners when it comes to ID fraud than we are to protect our parents, grandparents and children. The research revealed t... [Read More]
With growing concern over issues like deforestation and global warming, there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re recycling. Most of us own council-provided recycling bins, which can be filled with plastics, paper and card, metals and many other products or materials displaying the arrow recycle logo. Defra’s government statistics show that paper and card make up to 40... [Read More]
Earlier this year, Rexel’s Auto+ range of automatic shredders won the ‘Technology Product of the Year’ in the European Office Products Awards (EOPA) 2013. The award recognizes truly successful office products and is testament to this innovative range of automatic shredders. The Auto+ comes in a number of different model sizes capable of shredding between 60 to 750 sheets per loa... [Read More]
Shredder safety is an important feature, especially if you have children or animals to consider. It can also help protect workers in the workplace so it’s good to know what different shredder safety features are available when it comes to purchasing a new paper shredder. A number of the leading shredder brands have their own safety technologies – and a large number of shredders now con... [Read More]
Shredder DIN security levels refer to what particle size a shredder shreds your material into. Certain documents and data are more sensitive than others and therefore require to be shredded into smaller pieces, ensuring it would be impossible for anyone to piece them back together again. Companies and organisations have legal requirements with regard to the safe keeping and destruction of data &nd... [Read More]
n.b. This article was updated on 28th July 2017 Modern shredders come with a variety of handy features - and if noise level (or reduction of!) is high on your list of priorities then you may well want to consider a shredder that offers quieter operation or noise reduction technology. A lot of paper shredders don't have specific information as to how many decibels they run at whilst in use, ... [Read More]
PLEASE NOTE: This article refers to the old DIN 32757 shredder security levels. A new more comprehensive DIN standard called DIN 66399 has since been developed. When you come to purchase a paper shredder for the home or office, you will find that the shredder has a stated security level, otherwise known as a DIN level. DIN 32757 is the European standard for paper shredder security. Esse... [Read More]
When buying a paper shredder one of the main decisions is whether you opt for a strip-cut or cross-cut model. Here is our guide to the advantages and disadvantages each of these types of shredder have to offer: Strip-Cut Shredders Strip-cut shredders shred material into long thin strips. They are generally considered to be basic shredders for the everyday shredding of non-sensitive material. Ad... [Read More]
Typically, when we think of shredders we think of shredding paper. However, a number of shredder models now also have the ability to shred CDs. This is a great way to dispose of CDs with sensitive data on them, rather than the messier ways of trying to destroy them by bending them out of shape, cutting them up with scissors or trying to scratch the data side to make them unreadable. If shredding o... [Read More]
These days we expect most shredders to have basic features such as a reverse function and the ability to shred a decent number of sheets of paper at a time. But some shredders really do go the extra mile, offering many more additional features designed to make shredding easier and safer. Here are some cool shredder features to look out for: 1) Quiet shredding All shredders will make some&nb... [Read More]
The Gadget Show recently tested just over 20 of the market leading home shredders to establish which performed best, resulting in a handy list of the top 5 paper shredders. Three tests were done, as follows: 1) The speed test – how quickly would each shredder shred? 2) The security test – how finely would each shredder shred? 3) The hardcore shredding test – how well wo... [Read More]
This week (17th-23rd October) is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, an initiative intended to raise awareness of identity fraud which affects both individuals and businesses in the UK. Partners in the initiative (which is now in its seventh year) include the Metropolitan Police, the National Fraud Authority, the Home Office, Royal Mail and shredder manufacturer Fellowes amongst others.... [Read More]
If you are looking to buy a shredder for your office or home business there are a number of things that you might want to consider: 1) Will you need to shred anything other than paper? The bulk of your shredding will most likely be paper – but you may also have a requirement to shred CDs for example. A number of shredder models can handle the shredding of CDs and DVDs, in addition to paper... [Read More]
When people think about shredders they normally think about the electric models that we are all now very familiar with. But a useful alternative for a number of situations is the manual, hand operated variety. Hand operated shredders are typically much smaller, lighter and hence more portable than their electrical counterparts – and as they don't require mains power (or even batteries) they... [Read More]
If your paper shredder won’t function properly there are a number of simple things you can do to try and get it working again: Turn off the shredder: Unplugging your shredder for approximately one hour may allow it time to cool down if it has simply overheated. Put your shredder into reverse mode: If your shredder has an unseen jam caused by paper - putting it into a reverse mode c... [Read More]
Shredders on the whole are functional items. But there are a few that have caught our attention for their stylish looks as well as their range of features. Here is a roundup of our top picks (in no particular order!): 1) Fellowes P-35C Cross-Cut Shredder The Fellowes P-35C comes in classic black with sleek rounded edges. It will shred up to 5 sheets at a time and has a 12 litre bin capacity. It ... [Read More]
Oiling a shredder is an essential part of maintaining its performance and the more often you use it the more often it will need to be oiled. If you don’t oil your shredder regularly you may find that it starts to accumulate paper dust and begins to process fewer sheets of paper at a time and at a slower rate. You may also experience more paper jams. How often do I need to oil my shredder? ... [Read More]
To help explain what the various terms mean when buying a paper shredder, we thought it would help if we put together this glossary of shredder terminology: Auto-Oiling A shredder that features an automatic oiling system – it will automatically detect when the cutters need oil and apply it. Auto-Reverse A feature that puts the shredder into reverse to help clear paper jams. Confetti-Cut A... [Read More]
Paper shredders have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people decide to shred personal and sensitive documents. However to ensure that shredders are used in the safest way possible, certain precautions should be taken: Keep shredders away from children and pets Shredders should be kept well out of reach of children and inquisitive pets – and when not in use, they... [Read More]
Paper shredders don’t normally require much maintenance. However, to ensure that your machine is working at its best it’s a good idea to keep it both oiled and to clear the cutting heads of residual material. Oiling your shredder How often you need to oil your shredder will depend on usage levels and the type of shredder you have. However, this is an important part of your shredder m... [Read More]
These days it’s not just businesses that use shredders. An increasing number of home users purchase paper shredders to shred their own personal and sensitive documents. These include the following: - Old bank and credit card statements - Receipts that are no longer needed - Expired driving licenses - Old payslips - Anything else that contains a person’s name and address Certai... [Read More]
So, you need a paper shredder but don’t know where to start? Well look no further. Here at we’ve compiled a great range to choose from. But first you need to decide on the following: What kind of material will you be shredding? Typically you will be shredding paper, but you may also require a shredder that can handle staples and paperclips too. Some shredders w... [Read More]