2011 - Articles and News

The Gadget Show recently tested just over 20 of the market leading home shredders to establish which performed best, resulting in a handy list of the top 5 paper shredders. Three tests were done, as follows: 1) The speed test – how quickly would each shredder shred? 2) The security test – how finely would each shredder shred? 3) The hardcore shredding test – how well wo... [Read More]
This week (17th-23rd October) is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, an initiative intended to raise awareness of identity fraud which affects both individuals and businesses in the UK. Partners in the initiative (which is now in its seventh year) include the Metropolitan Police, the National Fraud Authority, the Home Office, Royal Mail and shredder manufacturer Fellowes amongst others.... [Read More]
If you are looking to buy a shredder for your office or home business there are a number of things that you might want to consider: 1) Will you need to shred anything other than paper? The bulk of your shredding will most likely be paper – but you may also have a requirement to shred CDs for example. A number of shredder models can handle the shredding of CDs and DVDs, in addition to paper... [Read More]
When people think about shredders they normally think about the electric models that we are all now very familiar with. But a useful alternative for a number of situations is the manual, hand operated variety. Hand operated shredders are typically much smaller, lighter and hence more portable than their electrical counterparts – and as they don't require mains power (or even batteries) they... [Read More]
If your paper shredder won’t function properly there are a number of simple things you can do to try and get it working again: Turn off the shredder: Unplugging your shredder for approximately one hour may allow it time to cool down if it has simply overheated. Put your shredder into reverse mode: If your shredder has an unseen jam caused by paper - putting it into a reverse mode c... [Read More]
Shredders on the whole are functional items. But there are a few that have caught our attention for their stylish looks as well as their range of features. Here is a roundup of our top picks (in no particular order!): 1) Fellowes P-35C Cross-Cut Shredder The Fellowes P-35C comes in classic black with sleek rounded edges. It will shred up to 5 sheets at a time and has a 12 litre bin capacity. It ... [Read More]