March 2012 - Articles and News

PLEASE NOTE: This article refers to the old DIN 32757 shredder security levels. A new more comprehensive DIN standard called DIN 66399 has since been developed. When you come to purchase a paper shredder for the home or office, you will find that the shredder has a stated security level, otherwise known as a DIN level. DIN 32757 is the European standard for paper shredder security. Esse... [Read More]
When buying a paper shredder one of the main decisions is whether you opt for a strip-cut or cross-cut model. Here is our guide to the advantages and disadvantages each of these types of shredder have to offer: Strip-Cut Shredders Strip-cut shredders shred material into long thin strips. They are generally considered to be basic shredders for the everyday shredding of non-sensitive material. Ad... [Read More]