2014 - Articles and News

When it comes to paper and paper shredding, there are a number of ways to try and be as eco-friendly as possible. According to Recycle Now as a nation we get through 12.5 million tonnes of paper every year, with around 24 trees being used to make 1 ton of paper. More and more of us are using recycled paper and in turn recycling our paper more efficiently – but we can’t simply... [Read More]
Consumer identity theft can affect anyone, regardless of age, occupation or social demographic. Unfortunately, most people have (or at least know someone who has) encountered some such fraud or fraud attempt, where their personal details have been used without their knowledge. There have also been a number of high profile celebrities who have fallen victim to the multitude of scams that exist thes... [Read More]
So, you’re in shredding mood right? There’s a stack of papers you’ve set aside to be shredded and today’s the day! Old bank statements, junk mail with personal details on, bills you no longer need, they’re all for the shredder. But maybe there are other documents you should consider shredding too – and maybe there are some things you shouldn’t! To help yo... [Read More]