How to Fix a Shredder

If your paper shredder won’t function properly there are a number of simple things you can do to try and get it working again:
  1. Turn off the shredder:
    Unplugging your shredder for approximately one hour may allow it time to cool down if it has simply overheated.
  2. Put your shredder into reverse mode:
    If your shredder has an unseen jam caused by paper - putting it into a reverse mode can help clear the jam.
  3. Oil your shredder:
    In order for shredders to function effectively you need to oil them frequently - a simple action such as this may help to resolve the issue. Click here to see our full range of shredder oils and lubricants.
  4. Clear the cutter heads:
    Turn your shredder off and carefully clear any dust or shredded paper from the cutting heads.
  5. Make sure that the waste bin and shredder head etc are properly in place:
    Some shredders have a safety feature whereby if any such component is not correctly in place then the shredder will not function.
  6. Ensure that you are not trying to shred too many pieces of paper in one go:
    Shredders have a maximum number of sheets that they can accept at a time.
  7. Is the waste bin full?
    Some shredders will stop working if the bin is full.
  8. Check the power supply.
    Obvious to state we know, but try plugging your shredder into an alternative power source.
  9. Check your shredder manual or contact the manufacturer:
    If the above steps don’t resolve the problem, try consulting your shredder manual or manufacturer website. Please see below links to major shredder manufacturer’s support pages and user manuals:
Fellowes Shredders Fellowes Shredder Support
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Texet Shredders Texet Shredder Support
Aurora Shredders Aurora Shredder Support
HSM Shredders HSM Shredder Support
Q-Connect Shredders Q-Connect Shredder Support


Lastly, remember to exercise caution whenever you carry out shredder repairs and maintenance. Keep body parts and clothing away from shredder blades!

Click here for more on oiling a shredder and here for shredder safety guidelines.