Rexel Shredder Oil Sheets (Pack of 20)

Rexel Shredders
Rexel Shredder Oil Sheets (Pack of 20)

Product Description

These Rexel Shredder Oil Sheets (20 Pack) are an incredibly easy and convenient way to oil any shredder. Simply feed an oil sheet into your shredder, the same as you would when shredding paper.

Do this once a month (or every time you empty the waste bin) to help prolong the life of your shredder and keep it working at its best.

These oiling sheets are A5 in size and using them enables you to get the right amount of oil distributed on the cutting blades every time.

Also available in a pack of 12.

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Product Specification

  • For use with all shredder models, easy way to lubricate your shredder, distributes the correct amount of oil
  • A5, Pack of 20
  • 2101949
  • 5028252248037
  • n/a
  • All shredder models
  • Shredder Oil

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