Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubricant (350ml Bottle)

Swordfish Shredders
Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubricant (350ml Bottle)

Product Description

This Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubricant (350ml bottle) can be used with all types of shredder and comes in a handy squeeze bottle.

To use, simply squeeze a wide zig-zag of oil onto a sheet of A4 paper - and then feed the sheet of paper into your shredder. This ensures that all the parts of the shredder that need oiling get good coverage and will help to keep your shredder working at its best.

This lubricant bottle features a special micro-dispenser which makes application easier and also allows the bottle to be sealed after each use.

Product Specification

  • For use with all types of shredders, handy squeeze bottle, special micro-dispenser makes application easier
  • 350ml bottle
  • 40240
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • All types of paper shredder
  • Shredder Oil

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