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Shredder safety is an important feature, especially if you have children or animals to consider. It can also help protect workers in the workplace so it’s good to know what different shredder safety features are available when it comes to purchasing a new paper shredder. A number of the leading shredder brands have their own safety technologies – and a large number of shredders now con... [Read More]
Shredder DIN security levels refer to what particle size a shredder shreds your material into. Certain documents and data are more sensitive than others and therefore require to be shredded into smaller pieces, ensuring it would be impossible for anyone to piece them back together again. Companies and organisations have legal requirements with regard to the safe keeping and destruction of data &nd... [Read More]
n.b. This article was updated on 28th July 2017 Modern shredders come with a variety of handy features - and if noise level (or reduction of!) is high on your list of priorities then you may well want to consider a shredder that offers quieter operation or noise reduction technology. A lot of paper shredders don't have specific information as to how many decibels they run at whilst in use, ... [Read More]
PLEASE NOTE: This article refers to the old DIN 32757 shredder security levels. A new more comprehensive DIN standard called DIN 66399 has since been developed. When you come to purchase a paper shredder for the home or office, you will find that the shredder has a stated security level, otherwise known as a DIN level. DIN 32757 is the European standard for paper shredder security. Esse... [Read More]
When buying a paper shredder one of the main decisions is whether you opt for a strip-cut or cross-cut model. Here is our guide to the advantages and disadvantages each of these types of shredder have to offer: Strip-Cut Shredders Strip-cut shredders shred material into long thin strips. They are generally considered to be basic shredders for the everyday shredding of non-sensitive material. Ad... [Read More]
Typically, when we think of shredders we think of shredding paper. However, a number of shredder models now also have the ability to shred CDs. This is a great way to dispose of CDs with sensitive data on them, rather than the messier ways of trying to destroy them by bending them out of shape, cutting them up with scissors or trying to scratch the data side to make them unreadable. If shredding o... [Read More]
These days we expect most shredders to have basic features such as a reverse function and the ability to shred a decent number of sheets of paper at a time. But some shredders really do go the extra mile, offering many more additional features designed to make shredding easier and safer. Here are some cool shredder features to look out for: 1) Quiet shredding All shredders will make some&nb... [Read More]