Shredder Terminology - Articles and News

All shredders have a duty cycle (also known as run time). This refers to the length of time that the shredder can continuously shred before it needs to cool down. Many small household shredders will run for 2 or 3 minutes continuously before they need a cool down period (e.g. 20 minutes or so). However, some larger high-spec shredders can shred for an hour non-stop - or even continuously. When bu... [Read More]
A number of shredders from Rexel feature Mercury Anti-Jam Technology (or Rexel Jam Free Technology as it's also known), a handy feature which is intended to stop paper jams that are the result of overfeeding - so here’s a quick overview of how it works. Every shredder has a sheet capacity limit and the Anti-Jam Technology feature means that the shredder will only shred stacks of paper withi... [Read More]
Shredder DIN security levels refer to what particle size a shredder shreds your material into. Certain documents and data are more sensitive than others and therefore require to be shredded into smaller pieces, ensuring it would be impossible for anyone to piece them back together again. Companies and organisations have legal requirements with regard to the safe keeping and destruction of data &nd... [Read More]
To help explain what the various terms mean when buying a paper shredder, we thought it would help if we put together this glossary of shredder terminology: Auto-Oiling A shredder that features an automatic oiling system – it will automatically detect when the cutters need oil and apply it. Auto-Reverse A feature that puts the shredder into reverse to help clear paper jams. Confetti-Cut A... [Read More]